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Discontinued Craft Supplies

Save on Discontinued Craft Supplies!  All Sales Final on Closeout Items.


Now 4 Pages of Savings!  1, 2, 3, 4


Transparent Multi Beads

12mm Faceted - (144)

"Sale" $1.50 pk - BUY NOW*


Multi Faceted Beads 12mmItem # TFBM12

Large 12mm (≈1/2") Multi Assorted colored plastic Faceted Beads.  144 beads per bag!  Transparent assorted colors.  Lead Free.


*While Supplies Last!

Multi Transparent Beads

2300 Tri Beads

"Sale" $6.00 pk - BUY NOW*


Multi Tri Beads in a Big Value BagItem # TBM2300.  Big Value Bag of Tri beads are perfect for making necklaces & ornaments!  Great for group crafts.  Bag contains 2300) 11mm (≈3/8") plastic Multi Transparent Tri Beads!  Lead Free.


*While Supplies Last!

Glow in the Dark Pony Beads

1800 Beads

"Sale" $6.00 pk - BUY NOW


Item #PBGID9M.

  Big Value Bag contains 1 lb. of Glow in the Dark pony beads. Approximately 1800) Glow in the Dark 6x9mm plastic pony beads!  Yellow, Orange, Green,  Lavender, & Pink Glow in the Dark beads.  Lead Free. Craft Idea Use Glow in the Dark Pony Beads to make a Tree Garland that GLOWS!  Click here for more Pony Bead Colors


Buy 3+: $5.70 each

Small Multi Pony Beads

20,000 Beads

$25.00 bag - BUY NOW*


Item #PB7M5.  These Small 7mm (≈1/4") Multi Pony Beads are great for school, summer camps, parties, and VBS!  Giant 5 pound bag. 

Approximately 20,000 7mm (this is smaller than the average 9mm pony bead) plastic pony beads! Opaque Multi Assortment.  Lead Free.


*While Supplies Last!

Heart Pony Beads

1,100 Beads

"Sale" $6.00 bag - BUY NOW*


Item #PBH1.  Great for school, summer camps, parties, & VBS!  One pound bag of 10 x 12mm (≈3/8 x 1/2") plastic Multi Opaque Heart Beads. String with Loopie Cord or Matte Elastic (sold below).  Approximately 1,100 Hearts! Lead Free. Craft Idea:  Heart Garland


*While Supplies Last!

"Bead a Better Buddy"

27 Projects

$4.00 each - BUY NOW*


Item #BABB12.  Make 27 pony bead projects! Cow, Frog, Ladybug, Football, Lizard, Pony, Duck, Turtle,  Dolphin, & many more. Use Matte Elastic, Loopie Cord (or ribbon) & 9mm Pony Beads! Color photos & step by step instructions pre-tested for your success. 


*While Supplies Last!


Black/White Swirl Felt Sheets

 3 Pack

$3.00 pack - BUY NOW*


black and white swirl felt sheetsItem # SFSSBW3.  Pack contains 3) White with Black Swirls.   Soft felt sheets.  Felt cuts easily with scissors.  Sheets are 9x12" w/ a slight variance.  100% Polyester.  These felt sheets are soft, not stiff, & NOT sticky back.  Made in the USA!


*While Supplies Last!


Bright Flowers Felt Sheets

 3 Pack

$3.00 pack - BUY NOW*


floral felt sheetItem # SFSBFL3.  Pack contains 3) Bright Flower soft felt sheets.  Felt cuts easily with scissors.  Sheets are 9x12" w/ a slight variance and soft not stiff.  100% Polyester.  These felt sheets are soft, not stiff, & NOT sticky back. Made in the USA!


 *Buy Bulk 12: $10.20


*While Supplies Last!

Hot Pink Heart Felt Sheets

 3 Pack

$3.00 pack - BUY NOW*


Hot Pink Felt Sheets with Black HeartsItem # SFSHHP3.  Pack contains 3) Hot Pink Felt with Black Hearts.  Soft felt sheets.  Felt cuts easily with scissors.  Sheets are 9x12" w/ a slight variance.  100% Polyester. Made in the USA from recycled plastics.  These felt sheets are soft, not stiff, & NOT sticky back.  Click here for more Heart Felt Sheets colors


 *Buy Bulk 12: $10.20


*While Supplies Last!


 Bright Craft Sticks

120 Pieces

$2.00 pack - BUY NOW*


Item #WCSB120.  Popsicle stick size, bright wood craft sticks! Decorate with markers and attach jewels.   Perfect for many craft and school projects! Package includes 120 craft sticks, each  4 1/2" long.     Click here for more Wood Craft Sticks


*While Supplies Last! 


 Multi Mini Clothespins

50 Pack

$2.00 pack - BUY NOW*


Mini Wood Clothespins in Assorted ColorsItem # CPMA50.  These Mini 1" Multi Wood Clothespins have more of a dyed or stained finished than painted clothespins.  Purple, Orange, Turquoise, Green, Yellow, & Red.  Package includes 50) 1" Mini Multi Clothespins.  Click here for additional Clothespins


*While Supplies Last! 

Multi Chenille Stems

Box of 100

$3.00 box - BUY NOW*


Item #CSM100. 

A must have for many kid's crafts!  Multi pack color assortment may vary with each box.  Great variety of colors!  Multi Chenille Stems (Pipe Cleaners) are 6 mm (≈1/4") thick & 12" long.  Click here for more colors!


*Buy Bulk 500: $15.00

*While Supplies Last!

Design A Mug Kit

3 Patterns Included

"Sale" $1.50 ea - BUY NOW*


 Item # DAM1. Kit includes 3 insert options:   Circus, Butterfly, & ABC. Paper inserts are ready to color.  Or create your own 3 1/2 x 10 1/2" insert!  Can personalize with photos.  Mug (3 1/2" across & 4" tall) can be used for hot/cold beverages.


*While Supplies Last!

RoseArt Fine Markers

8 Count Set

$1.25 set - BUY NOW*

RoseArt Washable Markers 8 pkItem # JWM8. Washable Classic Colors RoseArt  Markers.  Box includes:  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, & Black.  Non-Toxic * Washable. 8 count 

*While Supplies Last!


Create A Puzzle

8 1/2 x 11"

$1.50 each - BUY NOW*


 Item # CYOPUZ1. Create & design your own Puzzle!  Transform this blank puzzle into a work of art with Paint, Colored Pencils, Stamps, Markers, or Stencils.  Add Stick on Jewels!  Puzzle is 8 1/2 x 11".  48 pieces pre-cut pieces.  Recommended for Ages 3+.


*While Supplies Last!


Army Camo Parachute Cord

16 feet

$2.25 each - BUY NOW*


Item #PCAC16.  Fun New Product! Made in the USA from 550 pound test Paracord!   Perfect to use with Pony Beads.  100% Nylon.  16 ft / 4.8 meters.


*While Supplies Last!

Rainbow Paracord

16 feet

$2.25 each - BUY NOW*


Item # PCRW16.  This Parachute Cord is Made in the USA from 550 pound test Paracord!  This pack includes enough Paracord to make 2 regular bracelets.  100% Nylon.

16 ft / 4.8 meters.  Click here for additional colors


*While Supplies Last!


Kid's Scissors

Blunt Tip

$1.50 each - BUY NOW*


 Item # KBTS1.  Kid's Blunt Tip Scissors are sized for small hands.  Work for left and right handed kids.  Light blue handles & no sharp point!


*While Supplies Last!

Number Cube Beads

80 pack

$2.00 pack - BUY NOW*


Item # PB123W.

Great Number beads 0-9!  White Number Cube Beads are plastic with black numbers. Perfect with Sport Ball Pony Beads.  Support your team!  Add team colored pony beads! Pack contains 80) 6mm (1/4") beads. Cube beads work with Elastic & Loopie Cord.  Lead Free.


*While Supplies Last!

ABC White Cube Beads

160 pack

$3.00 pack - BUY NOW*



Great plastic Cube ABC beads!  White w/ Black upper case Letters in 160 pack.  Perfect with Sport Ball Beads!  Cubes work great with Pony Beads.  Pack contains 160) 6mm (1/4") "horizontal" Letter Beads.  Cube beads work with Elastic & Loopie Cord.  Lead Free.


*While Supplies Last!


ABC Multi Cube Beads

160 pack

$3.00 pack - BUY NOW


Item # PBABC160.

Great plastic Transparent Multi Cube ABC beads!  Perfect addition to Sport Ball Beads.  Work great with Pony Beads too!.  Pack contains 160) 7mm (≈1/4") Assorted Letter Beads.  Lead Free.


Buy 3+: $2.70 per pack

Tennis Ball Beads

 12 pack

$1.00 pack - BUY NOW


Item # PBTB12.

Great Tennis Ball Beads!  Support your local team.  Perfect with pony beads in your team colors! Pack contains 12) plastic 1/2" Tennis Ball Beads.   Lead Free.


Click here for add'l sport ball beads.


Buy 6+: $.90 per pack

Magic Color Changing Beads

170 Beads

$3.00 pack - BUY NOW


Item # PBMB170.

Color Changing Beads change colors instantly with sunlight!  Indoors they are completely clear. Take them outdoors & watch color appear instantly!  Beads return to clear when indoors.   Package contains 170) Magic Color Changing 6x9mm plastic pony beads!  Lead Free.


Buy 3+: $2.85 per pack


Foamies Birthday Cake

 Makes 1

$1.00 kit - BUY NOW*


Item # FCKBC1. Perfect for Birthday Invitations! Includes all precut shapes needed to make 1) Foamies 4 3/4" Birthday Cake. Just need glue (or Glue Dots). Attach magnet for a great gift!   Finished size is 4 3/4". Personalize with Foamies Markers.  Latex Free.


*While Supplies Last!

Foamies Mini Magnetic Frames

Set of 20 Frames

$10.00 set - BUY NOW*


Item # FMLF20.   Foamies Magnetic Frame set includes 20 assorted frames (shown).  Opening on  all frames is 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" square.  Frames are between 3 - 4" across depending on style. Photo slides though top opening.  Magnet on back of frame.  Only 50 cents each!  Click image to enlarge.


*While Supplies Last!


Foamies Wavy Magnetic

3x5" Fun Frames - Set of 6

$12.00 set - BUY NOW*


Item # FWFF6.   Opening holds

3x5" photos. Overall frame size is 5x7".  Perfect for lockers & walls.  Includes magnetic backing & hang tab for walls.  Flexible plastic covering for photo.  Removable back makes adding pictures easy!


Set Includes:  Royal, Green, Red, Pink, Purple, & Hot Pink Fun Frames. 


*While Supplies Last!

Foamies 7" Flower Magnetic 

Fun Frames - Set of 6

$6.00 set - BUY NOW*


Item # FFF6.  Holds 4x4" (cut from 4x6" photo) photos.  Overall frame size is 7" across. Perfect for lockers & walls.  Includes magnetic backing & hang tab for walls.  Flexible plastic covering for photo.  Removable back makes adding pictures easy!  Set Includes:  Royal, Green, Red, Pink, Purple, & Fuchsia Frames (6 total). Only $1 ea!


*While Supplies Last!


Foamies Girl License Plates

 Assorted Colors - Set of 6

$5.00 set - BUY NOW*


Item # FGLP6. Foamies "Girl" License Plates set includes 1 of each color shown.  2 each:  Best Friend, Daddy's Girl, & Angel.   Plenty of room to personalize!  Acid & latex free. Click image to enlarge. 


*While Supplies Last!



Foamies Cat & Dog Stickers

160 Pack

$2.50 pack - BUY NOW*


Foamies Cat & Dog Stickers (160 pk)Item # FSTCD110.   Please don't let the pack count foul you...  There are only about 30 Cats & Dog (15 each) Stickers in this pack.  The rest of this pack is filled w/ tiny Flowers & Polka Dots.  Cats & Dogs are about 2".  Latex Free.


 *While Supplies Last!


Foamies Door Hangers

9 Pack

$5.85 pack - BUY NOW*


Foam Door Hangers Basic Color PackItem # FDHB9.  Foamies Basic Door Hangers pack includes Orange, Yellow, Royal, Hot Pink, Purple, Dk Green, Teal, Red, and Brown.  9 total.  Door hangers are 6mm thick, 3 1/4"x 9 1/2"T.  Only .65 each!  Latex Free. 


Buy 3+: $5.27 per pack


Foamies Foot Door Hangers

 4 Pack

$4.00 pack - BUY NOW*


Item # FDHF4.  Foamies Foot Print Door Hanger Pack includes one each:  green yellow, orange, & royal (not shown). 

4 pack.  6mm thick.  Personalize with Foamies Markers! Acid & latex free.  Only $1.00 per Foot Door Hanger!


*While Supplies Last! 

Foamies Sticker Bucket

Noah's Ark

$5.00 bucket- BUY NOW*


Item # FSBNA6. Bucket contains ≈374 sticker total.  Arks, Rainbows, Clouds, Monkeys, Kangaroos, Hippos, Giraffes, Noah's, Lions, Elephants, Doves, & More!

Latex Free.  5 oz bucket


*While Supplies Last!


Foamies Construction Stickers

60 Pack

"Sale" $1.50 pack - BUY NOW*


Item # FSTCON60. Perfect addition to Yellow & Orange Door Hangers!  No mess foam stickers!  Assorted

2 1/2" Tractors, Construction Vehicles, & Cones.

Acid and latex free. 


*Special Offer:  Buy 2 get 1 FREE! 

3 packs for only $3.00!  BUY NOW


Foamies Team Spirit Stickers

104 Pack

$2.00 pack - BUY NOW*


Item # FSTTS104. Just peel & stick!  Team Spirit stickers includes team shirts (≈2"), varsity, JV, & numbers (≈1/2")

Latex Free.


*While Supplies Last!

Foamies Memo Board


$1.50 each - BUY NOW*


Item # FMBBA1.  Foamies Baseball Memo Board is made from thick 6mm foam.  Ready to decorate & personalize!  Blue foam is perfect for name & team number!  Make great locker decorations.  Memo board is 9 1/2" wide and 11" tall. Latex Free.


*While Supplies Last! 

Foamies Baseball Notebook

Set of 2

$3.00 set - BUY NOW*


 Item # FDN2. Each Foamies Baseball  Diamond Shaped Notebook (6x6") contains 14 sheets of thick white blank paper.   Set contains 1 each:  Red & Blue.  Spiral Bond.  Acid & latex free.  Ready to decorate w/ Foamies Stickers!  Personalize w/ Foamies Black Markers!


*While Supplies Last!


Foamies Pencil Holder

Set of 6

$6.00 set - BUY NOW*


Foamies Pencil Holder is 9" long & 3" tall.  Set contains 1 each:  Red, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, & Orange. 

White zipper. Acid & latex free.  Only $1.00 per zipper pouch!  Ready to decorate w/ Foamies Stickers!


*While Supplies Last!

Foamies Surfer Kit

Makes 1 - Buy 1, Get 1 Free

"Sale" $1.00 kit - BUY NOW*


  Item # FCKSU1. Foamies Surfer Craft Kit includes all precut 2mm shapes needed to make 1 Foamies surfer dude.  Just need glue (Glue Dots are easy)!  Add a magnet for a great gift! Magnets sold separately.  Latex Free.


*Limited Time Offer:  Buy One, Get One Free!  While Supplies Last!

Foamies Sport License Plates

 Set of 6

$5.00 set - BUY NOW*


Item # FLPS6.  Foamies Sport License Plate set includes 1 of each color shown (Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, White, & Red).  2 of each design:  Champ, All Star, & Go Team.   Perfect for athletic events.  Personalize w/ Foamies Markers!  Each Foam License Plate is 4 3/4 x 8 7/5".  Acid & latex free. Click image to enlarge. 


*While Supplies Last!


Ladybug 3-D Sticker


$2.00 sheet - BUY NOW*


Item # LBSP.   Great ladybug & flower stickers! Sticker set is as shown. Stickers are 1/2-1" in height.  Made with foam, cardstock, felt & seed beads.


*While Supplies Last!

Flower Lei Necklace

2 Pack

$1.00 pack - BUY NOW*


Item # FLEI2.  Perfect way to greet this years VBS kids!  Great way to kick off VBS.  Pre-made Flower Lei is made of soft colorful flowers.  Pack contains 2 ready to wear flower lei's.


*While Supplies Last!

Poly Lei Necklace

6 Pack

$1.50 pack - BUY NOW*


Item # PLEI6.  Perfect way to greet all the VBS kids!  Inexpensive Poly Lei Necklaces.  Pack contains 1 each:  Royal, Green, Lavender, Yellow, Orange, & Red.  Ready to wear.  Only 25¢ each!


*While Supplies Last!


Foamies Sticker Bucket


$5.00 bucket - BUY NOW*



Foamies 1/2"-4 1/4" Princess (in 3 body colors), Mini (hair, crowns,  eyes, & wands), Star, & Heart stickers in hot pink, pink, lavender, purple & yellow. Packaged by weight  ≈297 Stickers per bucket.  Latex free. 


*While Supplies Last!


Foamies Dance Stickers

60 Pack

$1.00 pack - BUY NOW*


 Item # FSTD60.  Adorable Foamies Dance Stickers!  Dance Shirts, Pants, Shoes, Duffle Bag, Water Bottle, Stars, & Skirts in Purple, Lavender, Black, & Hot Pink.  Stickers are 1/2-2 1/2".  Click image to enlarge.  Acid & Latex Free.


*While Supplies Last!


Foamies Tiara Visors

 Purple - 48 Pack

$60.00 pack - BUY NOW*


Item # FTP6.  Great Foamies Tiara Visors!  One size fits all w/ vinyl coil on back.  Pack includes Purple Tiara's only. Tiara's are 3mm thick.  Decorate by adding 12mm Rhinestones to tips of tiaras!  Acid & latex free.  Only $1.25 each.


*While Supplies Last!


Foamies Easter Basics

Stickers - 95 Pack

$2.75 pack - BUY NOW


  Item # FSTEB95. Adorable Spring Sticker pack!  Baby chicks, carrots, bunnies, & broken white eggs all ≈1".  Pack contains 95 Easter Stickers.  Latex Free.


*While Supplies Last! 

Foamies Sticker Sheet


$1.00 sheet - BUY NOW*


Item # FSSZ7.

Zoo Sticker Sheet includes 1 sheet of stickers (shown).  Monkey, Elephant, Lion, Banana's, & ZOO in 3-D foam stickers.. Just peel and stick.  Latex Free.


*While Supplies Last!

Foamies Elephant Hippo

Makes 2

$2.00 kit - BUY NOW*


Item # FCKEH2. Includes all precut shapes needed to make 1 Elephant & 1 Hippo.  Can attach foam triangle (included) to make animal free standing.  Or add a magnet (not included).   Need glue & black sharpie marker.  Latex Free.


*While Supplies Last!


Pastel Iridescent Pom Poms

25 Pack

$1.75 pack - BUY NOW*


Item # PPI25.  A must have for many kid's crafts.  Perfect addition to foam crafts.  Variety of colors & sizes. 25) Pastel Pom Poms total.


*While Supplies Last!

"Puff Beadz Friends"

25 Projects

$4.00 each - BUY NOW*


Item # PBF1. "Puff Beadz Friends" includes instructions for 25 fuzzy & flexible pals made with pom poms, & chenille stems. Full color photos and step by step instructions pre-tested for your success.  No experience necessary.


*While Supplies Last!

Foamies SHAPES

Sea Shells - 48 pack

$2.50 pack - BUY NOW*


Item #  FSPSS48.  Sea Shells pack contains 48 total. 16 each:  Tan, White, & Gray Sea Shell Shapes. Add 1/2" Glue Dots (below) to make your own stickers!  Or make magnets by adding 1/2" adhesive magnet (below) to shapes. Sea Shell Shapes are ≈1 3/4" across & 1 1/8" tall.   Latex Free.


*While Supplies Last!


 Foamies Door Hangers

Crowns - 4 Pack

 "Sale" $3.00 pack - BUY NOW*


Item # FDHC4.  Adorable Foamies Crown Door Hangers.  Pack includes 2 each:  hot pink, & blue (shown).  4 total.   On sale for only 75¢ each! Decorate w/ Princess Stickers Latex Free.


*While Supplies Last!


Foamies Tiara & Wand

Hot Pink Set

$2.75 set - BUY NOW*


Item # FTW2.  Great Foamies Tiara Visor & Wand! Tiara's are 3mm thick & one size fits all with vinyl coil on back. Wand has 6mm foam star, painted wooden dowel, & ribbon attached.  Ready to decorate.  No assembly required.  Latex Free.


* While Supplies Last!


Star/Dot Stick on Jewels

Set of 4

$5.00 pack - BUY NOW*


Item # SRGR4.  Just Peel & Stick these Red, Crystal & Green Dot & Star Rhinestones! Set includes 1 sheet of each design shown.  4 sheets per pack.


*While Supplies Last! 


Foamies Crown Pennant

Set of 6

$7.50 set - BUY NOW*


Item # FCWP6. Foamies Princess Crown Wall Pennant.  Made from 2mm Foamies.  Set includes 2 Hot Pink, 2 Light Pink, 1 Purple, & 1 Lavender Crowns.  Crowns are 6 1/4" x 10 3/4" with 2" white hearts on crown tips.  Decorate with stickers and personalize with Foamies Markers


*While Supplies Last!

Foamies Sticker Sheet

Princess Sticker

$1.50 sheet - BUY NOW*


Item # FSSPW.   Princess "individual" letter stickers are great for decorating!  Attach letters to posters, wood, walls, doors, and more!  Pink letters (outlined in white) are individual stickers & are 1 1/2-2 1/2" tall.  Just peel & stick.  Pack contains 1 sheet (shown).  "Princess" together is 10" long when spaced as shown.  


*While Supplies Last!


 Princess/Crown Velvet Poster

6x9" w/Markers

$1.50 set - BUY NOW*


 Item # VPPC69. Kids will love this Princess Crown "error proof" Velvet Poster.   Can't color out of the lines!   Set includes 1 6x9" poster & 6 bright non-toxic markers. 



*While Supplies Last!


Winnie the Pooh Frame

Makes 1

 $2.00 kit - BUY NOW*


Winnie the Pooh Picture Frame Item # DISPOF1.

Make your own Winnie the Pooh Frame!  Foamies frame kit includes everything needed (foam frame, stand, & stickers) to make this free standing Pooh picture frame. Frame is 7" with a ≈3x4 1/2"opening for photo. 


*Sorry this item has sold out.


 Foamies Pirate Hat

1 Piece

$3.00 each - BUY NOW*


Item # FPIH1. Foamies Pirate Hat!  Perfect for birthday parties.  Hat is made from 4mm Foamies (1 solid piece). No assembly needed.  Black elastic chin strap included.  Hat opening is 7"across.  Elastic cord can be adjusted for secure fit on smaller children. Ages 6+.  Hat is 9x11"across.  Ready to wear.  Great with Swords!


*While Supplies Last!

Pirate "Party Pack"

Kit for 6

 $45.00 kit - BUY NOW*


Item # FPIPP6.  Perfect for Pirate Parties! 

Includes 6) Pirate Hats, 6) Pirate Swords & Eye Patches, 6) Foamies Pirate Hooks, 1 pack Foamies Pirate Stickers (43), 2) Stick on Jewels Bold Square Rhinestone Packs, & 6) Pirate Ship Velvet Fuzzy Posters. Hats, Swords, & Hooks sold assembled & ready to decorate w/ stickers & jewels. 

  Over a $66.00 Value! 


*While Supplies Last!



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