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Glass Gems & Tiles
 Choose from Small to Large Clear Glass Gems, Clear Square Tiles, and Glass Gems with Hooks.  All the supplies you need to make Bubble Magnets and other Glass Gem Crafts!
Glass Gem Ideas
Bubble Magnets  |  Glass Gem Jewelry | Gem Necklaces  | Gem Ornaments | Gem Bookmarks

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1" Square Clear Glass Tiles

 16 pack

 $4.00 pack - BUY NOW

Clear Glass Tiles 1 inch SquaresItem #CGS1.  These Clear Glass Square Tiles are 1".  Tiles are about 1/8" thick and are flat and smooth on all sides.  Corners are slightly rounded and smooth as well.  These are perfect for making Jewelry!!!  Add jewelry bails with E6000.  These have a $6.99 retail value! 

Buy 6+: $3.80 per pack

1" Clear Glass Circles

 16 pack

 $4.00 pack - BUY NOW

Clear Glass Circles 1 inchItem #CGC1.  These Clear Glass Circles are 1" across.  Circles are domed on the top and flat on the bottom.  They are completely clear, smooth all the way around, and all the same size.  The perfect gems for making Jewelry!!!  Add jewelry bails with E6000 or a Large Thin Ceramic Magnet for Bubble Magnets!

Buy 6+: $3.80 per pack

EK Tools Medium Punch

 1" Circle

$10.50 each - BUY NOW

Item # MPC1.  This 1" Circle Punch is great for making paper circles to attach to the 1" clear gems!  Viewing area allows you to punch exactly the image you want.  Very easy to use. After use it locks closed (flat) for storage.  It's even stackable!  Perfect for making Glass Gem & Bottle Cap Crafts! 

Buy 3+: $9.45 each

Small Clear Glass Gems

3/4 lb bag

 $1.95 bag - BUY NOW

Small Clear Glass GemsItem #SCGG34.  Small Clear Glass Gems are each about 3/4" across.   Great on mirrors, in vases, & filler for centerpieces.  Attach to glass or mirrors with E6000!  Flat on back side. Each gem varies slightly.  3/4 lb bag equals about 70 glass gems per bag.

Buy 6+: $1.85 per bag

Large Clear Glass Gems

12 oz

$3.25 pack - BUY NOW*


 Item # LCGG19.  Make Glass Gem Jewelry, Bubble Magnets, Ornaments & More!  Gems vary slightly and have imperfections (which make unique creations)!  Gems range from 1 1/4 - 1/ 1/2" across (not perfect circles).  Most are just slightly larger than 1 1/4".   Bubbled on top & flat on bottom.   12 oz pack, packaged by weight.  ≈19 large clear glass gems per pack.   Bubble Magnet Instructions & Supplies 


*Special Price!

Large Glass Drops

18 pack

$5.00 pack - BUY NOW*


Large Glass Drops Clear Circles Item # LCGD18.  These Large Glass Drops are just slightly less than 2" across and about 1/4" thick!  They are smooth and flat on the bottom.  The top is slightly domed.  Edges are smooth and clear.  Glass drops are packaged in a clear plastic bag with black pull string on top.  Drops will require cleaning before making magnets or other crafts.  These are heavy and thick with very few air bubbles or lines in glass.  Pack contains 18) 50mm (≈2") round circle glass drops. 


*While Supplies Last!


Oblong Glass Wafers

Box of 12

$2.25 box - BUY NOW*


Oblong Glass Wafers Box of 12 Item # OGW12.  These Oblong Glass Wafers are great for Nail Polish Gems, Magnets, and more!  Perfect shape for Pumpkins and Easter Eggs!  Wafers are large & clear w/ a hint of a recycled glass look.  They vary in shape & size quite a bit... from 2 1/8" to 2 3/4" wide.  Most are about 1/4" thick.  Glass Wafers are thin and flat on both sides.  There are ridges and groves in these wafers, so they are not ideal for attaching photos or images.  Box of 12.   Craft Idea:  Paint w/ Nail Polish to make Pumpkin Magnets! 


*While Supplies Last!


How to Make Colored Glass Gems using Clear Glass Gems & Nail Polish! 


Colored Glass Gems


step by step instructions


Mini Lustre Glass Gems

12 oz bag

"Sale" $3.00 bag - BUY NOW*

Item # CGGLM12.  Mini Lustre (Iridesent) Glass Gems are about 1/2" across.  Great on mirrors, in vases, & filler for centerpieces.  Attach to glass or mirrors with E6000!  Flat on back side. Gems vary slightly. ≈120 glass gems per bag.

 *While Supplies Last!

Clear Gems with Hook

6 pack

$3.50 pack - BUY NOW*


 Item # CGH6.  Make Bubble Necklaces!  Glass Gems are 1 3/16" across.  Bubbled on top & flat on bottom.   Pack contains 6 clear gems with hooks.  Some gems may have tiny bubbles or lines.  The hole is

pre-drilled for the hook & may be drilled longer than the hook.  However, when nail polish, photo, or scrapbook paper are added, the tiny imperfections are less noticeable.  Click here for "Gem" Necklace Instructions.


 *Limited to stock on hand.


Glass Ornament Balls

Box of 4

 $2.50 box - BUY NOW

clear glass ornament ballsItem #GOBS4.  These Clear Glass Ball Ornaments are about 2 1/4" across and ready to decorate!  Paint, add stickers, draw on with Sharpie Markers, attach Jewels, or FILL ornaments with candy, beads, & more.  Sold in a box of 4 or 10.  Made from Clear Glass.  Perfect for party decorations, holiday events, Christmas, Valentine's, and Easter.  Hang with ribbon, twine, or elastic cord.

Buy Box of 10: $5.75

E6000 Clear Adhesive

2 fl. oz.

$4.95 each - BUY NOW


E6000 Clear AdhesiveItem #ECA2.  E6000 is a fantastic clear permanent adhesive!  Use for magnets, pin backs, fabric, wood, glass, ceramics, & more! Even safe for photos.  Flexible, waterproof, & self leveling.  Use to add jewels & ribbon to clothing; it's Washer & Dryer Safe!  Non-flammable.  Acid free.  Made in the USA!


Buy 6+: $4.55 each

Glass Gem Ideas




Bubble Magnets

Gem & Nail Polish Jewelry

Glass Gem Necklaces

Glitter Ornaments

Gem & Paper Clip Bookmarks



Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


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