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Quick Links:
Foam Crafts
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Makit & Bakit

 Remember these great "Stained Glass" like sun catchers from the 80's???  Kits include everything you need to make Sun Catchers, Jewelry, Ornaments, & More.  Choose a design, fill metal frame with Baking Crystals and melt in the oven.  Allow to cool, hang, & enjoy!  Also, check out Makit & Bakit Christmas Ornaments.  They're perfect for holiday crafts!

See below for Makit & Bakit Instructions

Makit & Bakit Ornament

Stocking w/Candy Canes

$4.00 kit - BUY NOW*

Makit & Bakit Christmas Stocking Ornament


Item # MBOSCC.  Makit & Bakit Stocking with Candy Cane Ornament Kit includes everything needed to make this great Christmas Ornament with baking crystals!


Kit Includes: Metal Frame Stocking with Candy Canes, White, Red, Green & Lime Baking Crystals.  Frame is about 4 1/2" tall.  Ages 8+.  While Supplies Last.


Tutorial now available!


*Quantities are Limited.  While Supplies Last!


Makit & Bakit

Deluxe Sun Catcher & Project Kit

"Sale" $10.00 kit - BUY NOW


Makit & Bakit Deluxe KitItem #MBJSJ.  Kit includes everything needed to Make 8 Fun Projects!  Great for Holiday Crafts!  Create a Key Chain, Magnet, Picture Frame, Necklace, Bracelet, and 2) Sun Catchers!


Kit Includes: 8) Metal Frames, Key Chain, Magnet, Necklace, Bracelet, 2) Suction Cups, 1) Jump Ring, Lime Green, Orange, Purple, Turquoise, Yellow, and Fuchsia Baking Crystals!  Ages 8+


Makes a great gift for kids.  Also, perfect for kids to make and give to family, teachers, neighbors, & friends!


Buy 3+: $9.50 each


Makit & Bakit

 Puppies Sun Catcher Kit

$3.00 kit - BUY NOW


Makit & Bakit Puppies Sun CatcherItem # MBSPUP.  Create a glowing sun catcher with glow in the dark crystals!  Kit includes 1) Metal Frame with 3 Dogs, Glow in the Dark, Red, Brown, & Yellow Baking Crystals, & a Suction Cup.  Frame is about 4 1/2" across. Ages 8+. 


Buy 3+: $2.85 each


Makit & Bakit


$3.00 kit - BUY NOW


Makit Bakit Octopus Sun Catcher KitItem # MBSOCT.  Create a sun

catcher with  Baking Crystals!  Kit includes 1) Octopus Metal Frame, Lime Green, Turquoise Royal, & White Baking Crystals, & a Suction Cup.  Frame is about 4" tall.  Ages 8+. 


Buy 3+: $2.85 each

Makit & Bakit

 Dragonfly Sun Catcher Kit

$3.00 kit - BUY NOW


Makit & Bakit Dragonfly Sun CatcherItem # MBSDRA Create fun & bright sun catchers with baking crystals!  Kit includes a Dragonfly Metal Frame, Hot Pink, Royal, Purple, Orange, Yellow, & Turquoise Glitter Baking Crystals, & Suction Cup.  Frame is about 4" tall.  Ages 8+.

Online tips & tutorial now available


Buy 3+: $2.85 each


Makit & Bakit

Owl Necklace

$4.00 kit - BUY NOW*


Makit and Bakit Owl Necklace KitItem #MBON1.  Make your own Owl Necklace!  Kit includes:  1) Metal Owl Frame, Lime Green, Blue, and Fushcia Baking Crystals, 18" Chain, 1 Clasp, 3 Jump Rings, and easy to follow instructions.   Ages 8+. 

Online tips & tutorial now available


*While Supplies Last!


Makit & Bakit

Build-A-Bear Mobile

$3.50 kit - BUY NOW*


Build-A-Bear Mobile by Makit & Bakit Item # MBMOBILE.  Kit includes 4 metal frames, 6 jump rings, baking crystals, ribbon,  & a suction cup.  Attach Bear, Heart, & Peace Sign to World w/ jump rings & ribbon. *No wire included.  Ages 8+.


*While Supplies Last!

 Baking Crystals

 Old Time Assortment

$6.50 set - BUY NOW*


Item # MBBCB5Ready to create sun catchers, bowls, & more?  Well, now you can with these Makit & Bakit Baking Crystals!  This set contains 5) 2x2" packs (1 of each of the following colors:  White, Glow in the Dark, Brown, Dark Gray, & Black Baking Crystals).  Each of the 5) 2x2" re-closeable zip packs contain 1 tablespoon of baking crystals.  By weight, there is a total of ≈1.8 oz of crystals per set. 


*Sorry this item has sold out.


Replacement Suction Cups

12 Pack

 $1.00 pack - BUY NOW*


Item # SCSC12.  Makit & Bakit  Suction Cups are perfect for displaying Sun Catchers in Windows and on mirrors!  Simply attach the suction cup to the hold in the sun catcher.  These are just like traditional suction cups, without the hook!  May not work with all sun catcher designs.  Will not work with Ornaments.  Pack includes 12.


*While Supplies Last!

Small Silver Tins

6 Pack

 $1.50 pack - BUY NOW*


Small Tins for Floating CandlesItem # SST6.  These Small Tins are great for Makit & Bakit Baking Crystals!  They are the perfect size to pour crystals in while you are working on a Makit & Bakit Kit.  Use the Mini Spoon (sold separately) to scoop & pour crystals into frames.   Tins are 2" across.  Pack includes just the tins (no lids).  Only .25 each! 


*While Supplies Last!


Mini Spoon for Baking Crystals

 Silver (1)

$3.00 each - BUY NOW*


Item #MBMS1 Not your typical spoon!  This Mini Spoon has a nice size handle and a tiny scoop making it perfect for filling in Makit & Bakit Sun Catcher Frames and Ornaments!  Simply scoop and pour baking crystals directly into metal frame. Mini Spoon is 5" long.  Scoop size is about 1/2 x 1".  Crystals sold separately.


*While Supplies Last!


More Great Stocking Stuffers

Foamies Girl Doll Kit

Makes 10

 $5.00 kit - BUY NOW*


Item #FDKG10. This kit makes Great Ornaments!  Kit includes 10) 6" girls (with different skin tones), shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, shoes, assorted hair styles, hair accessories, & 3 glitter pens.  Shapes are pre-cut.  Can personalize & add magnet.  For magnets, add ribbon (sold separately).


*While Supplies Last!


Daisy Velvet Poster

6x9" w/Markers

$1.25 set - BUY NOW*


  Item #VPDLB69.  Kids will love this Daisy Flowers & Lady Bug "error proof" Velvet Poster.  Can't color out of the lines!   Set includes 1) 6x9" poster & 6 bright non-toxic markers. 


*While Supplies Last!

Race Car Velvet Poster

6x9" w/Markers

$1.50 set - BUY NOW*


  Item #VPRC69.  Kids will love this Race Car "error proof" Velvet Poster.   Can't color out of the lines!  Set includes 1) 6x9" poster & 6 bright non-toxic markers. 


Click here for more Velvet Posters!


*While Supplies Last!


Needlepoint Kit


  $4.00 kit - BUY NOW*

Item #NPKM1.  Super Cute & Easy to Make Monkey Needlepoint!  Kit includes 1 piece printed mesh, 1 embroidery needle, 1plastic frame, 26 yards of yarn, & easy to follow instruction.  Click image to enlarge.

*While Supplies Last!


Build- A-Bear

Playful Puppy Kit

  $12.00 kit - BUY NOW*

Item #BBWPP1.  Playful Puppy w/ Accessories.  Make your own 7" puppy at home!  Stuff & sew together (using pre-punched holes) & a plastic safety needle.  Kit also includes 1 outfit you can customize with fabric stickers , & birth certificate.  Click image to enlarge.

*While Supplies Last!

Begin to Embroider

Purse & Wallet

 $5.00 kit - BUY NOW*


Item #LTE1.  Learn the basics of embroidery & create a small purse & wallet.  Children and adults will love this kit.  Kit includes easy to follow instructions, pre-cut felt shapes,  embroidery floss, pony beads, needle,  straight pins, flower sequins, & clear glitter cording.  Ages 8 and up.


*While Supplies Last!


Velvet Sticker Book

Flower & Bug

$1.25 each - BUY NOW


  Item #VSBFB3.  These Velvet Flower & Bug Stickers are ready to color! Error Proof.  Can't color out of the lines!   Sticker book has 3 pages of stickers.  30 stickers total.  Markers sold separately.


*While Supplies Last!


Velvet Sticker Book


$1.50 each - BUY NOW*


  Item #VSBV3.  These Velvet Vehicle Stickers are ready to color! Error Proof.  Can't color out of the lines!   Sticker book has 3 pages of stickers.  18 stickers total.  Markers sold separately (below).


*While Supplies Last!

RoseArt Fine Markers

8 Count Set

$1.25 set - BUY NOW*

RoseArt Washable Markers 8 pkItem #JWM8. Washable Classic Colors RoseArt  Markers.  Box includes:  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, & Black.  Non-Toxic * Washable. 8 count 

*While Supplies Last!


Makit & Bakit Ornament Set

Stocking & Wreath Kit (Set of 2)

$10.00 set - BUY NOW*


Makit & Bakit Stocking and Wreath Ornament Kit

Item # MBOSW2.  For a VERY limited time...we have a few Makit & Bakit Ornament Sets left!  This set of 2 ornaments includes a Stocking w/Candy Canes and a Wreath Ornament Kit.  These kits include everything need to make 2 festive Christmas Ornaments! 


Kit Includes: Metal Frames (Stocking & Wreath), White, Red, Green, Purple, Yellow, & Lime Green Baking Crystals.  Stocking frame is about 4 1/2" tall and the wreath frame is about 4".  Recommended for ages 8+.  While Supplies Last.


Tutorial now available!


*Sorry this set has sold out.


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